What is StepHunt?

StepHunt is a Web3 GameFi + SocialFi App which aims to revolutionize the Play-to-Earn landscape. The project is built around three simple concepts:
  • 🦶 Step: walk, jog and run to earn STEP tokens.
  • 🔍 Hunt: hunt and catch HUNT tokens spread across the world.
  • 🤗 Socialize: play and connect with friends to receive boosts and increase your level.
Mixing a perfect blend of tools like NFTs (Not Fungible Tokens), AR (Augmented reality), GPS (Global Positioning System) and a nice UI (User Interface) with Social Media integrations, will make possible the StepHunt's aim of creating a strong community which shares the same goal and interests while being rewarded during the journey. Unlike many other projects already in the ecosystem, StepHunt offers a way more wide GameFi experience, the whole Play-to-Earn mechanism is built around the Augmented Reality (AR), so it won't be limited to rewards for running and walking, but will give users the possibility of hunting Mystery Box and HUNT tokens during the journey.
Last modified 10mo ago