👨‍🦱 Avatar Level

A level is a number that represents the cumulative experience of a player in the StepHunt ecosystem. Avatars start at level 1 and increase their level by gaining experience.
Experience points, also known as XP, are used to measure the progress a player makes in the game.

Leveling up

Avatar's level depends on how many XP points they have achieved during their journey.
XP points can be achieved in several ways, these are some of them:
  • Moving (Walking, Jogging or running), each activity will reward the player with a fixed amount of XP points based on the distance traveled and the specific activity used.
  • Connecting and take part in a community or create your own
  • Step & Hunt together with your friends and collect achievements
  • Sharing your runs and hunting results on Social Media
The XP points required to level-up are strictly dependent on the Avatar's current level. In fact, the higher the level the higher the number of XP points required.
The formula which states the amount of XP points required for each level is the following:
Where XP_TO_LEVEL is the XP needed to reach the next level. CURRENT_LEVEL is the Avatar's current level. XP_BASE is an arbitrary number to decide how much each level is "worth" in XP. SCALE is the exponent determining how fast to scale the XP needed to level.
The following table assumes a SCALE of 1.1 and an XP_BASE of 100:
Current Level XP Needed Increase from Last Level
1 158 0
2 339 181
3 530 191
4 728 198
5 930 202
10 1995 218