🔍 Hunt

The second StepHunt's earning method, is the one that make us more unique: Hunting.
Thanks to AR (Augmented Reality)* and your Smartphone Camera, around every player’s device indipendently from the location, there are HUNT tokens to catch. *Android 8.0+ or iOS 10.1+ is required
Inspired from PokemonGO, while using the App, players will feel the phone vibrating and will see tokens spawning on the map, near the player’s real-world location. By utilizing the AR system the users have the ability of catching HUNT tokens.
This depends on several factors, first of all, the speed:
  • Walking (2 - 5 km/h), +30% chances of finding HUNT tokens.
  • Jogging (5 - 8 km/h), +15% chances of finding HUNT tokens.
  • Running (8 - 12 km/h) regular chances, no extra booster.
Besides speed, there are some other relevant factors:
  • 🔍 Lens Attributes In StepHunt your avatar can be equipped not just with shoes, but also with a Lens. Each lens has its own attributes, that can be increased spending HUNT tokens: - Luck - View Angle - Depth
The following formula describes the specific contribution of each lens attribute which sums up to the total increase in chances of finding HUNT tokens for a specific Lens.
Mathematical description of the Lens attributes contribution.
  • K = total lens contribution. ( value will range from 0 to 1 and will represent a percentage. For example a value of 0.31 means an increase of 31% of the chances of finding hUNT tokens)
  • Luck, View Angle, Depth = Lens attributes values ( value will be an integer number ranging from 1 to 100 )
  • Kf = contribution factor, a fixed number randomly chosen each week between 0.01 and 0.02.
As expressed in the formula, the higher the value of the attributes, the greater the chances of finding HUNT tokens across the map.
  • 👨‍🦱 Avatar XP Level Your avatar can increase its Level by gaining more XP points. The higher the avatar's level, the more the chances of finding tokens around you.
  • 📡 GPS, Mobile Data and Camera In order to work properly, StepHunt needs access to a stable GPS Signal a strength 3G/4G/5G connection, and requires enough battery to use the Camera. Without a phone with Android 8.0+ or iOS 10.1+ and a Camera is not possible to catch tokens, a weak/poor signal could reduce the earnings.