🗣 Socialize

It is true that on StepHunt you can only earn through Step & Hunt mechanisms, but focusing on the Social features has a key importance too.
Every user can create his own PFP Avatar and upgrade it by purchasing:
  • Clothing, such as t-shirts, hoodies, dresses...
  • Accessories, such as glasses, hats, chains...
  • New haircuts, renewing the style and the color of your avatar's hair.
These are just aesthetic details that could make your PFP more beautiful, but in order to have an impact on Play-to-Earn mechanisms, you should Socialize.
👨‍🦱 Avatar XP Level.
Your XP Level is fundamental to increase your earnings, to do so you must:
  • Moving ( Walking, Jogging or running ), each activity will reward the player with a fixed amount of XP points based on the distance traveled and the specific activity used.
  • Connect and take part in a community or create your own
  • Step & Hunt together with your friends and collect achievements
  • Share your runs and hunting results on Social Media
🏃🏻🏃🏻 Social Jogging & Running.
In the Jogging and Running game modes users will have the possibility of selecting between Single and Co-op.
The single mode will be characterized by the standard rewards described here.
The co-op mode will allow you to send an invite to one or more friends to jog or run with you. Once they accept the invite your accounts will be linked for a specific amount of time and the rewards will be multiplied depending on how many players joined.
In order to be eligible for the multiplied rewards you and your friends will need to meet specific distance requirements. The app will use Bluetooth 5.1, which adds improvements that considerably improve measuring distance and direction measurement, to calculate accurate distance between phones and prevent users from exploiting the feature by bringing more than 1 phone with them.
More friends = bigger rewards!