🦶 Step

StepHunt has two different methods of earning, the first of one is: Step-to-Earn.
Thanks to GPS Signal, StepHunt is able to track user's movements and reward them for:
  • Walking at a speed of 2 - 5 km per hour, regular rewards, no extra booster.
  • Jogging at a speed of 5 - 8 km per hour, with a +15% booster on STEP rewards.
  • Running at a speed of 8 - 12 km per hour, with a +30% booster on STEP rewards.
The earnings aren't based just on the shoes type, but also on other some key factors:
  • 👟 Shoes attributes Each pair of shoes has 3 different attributes, that can be increased spending STEP tokens: - Ergonomics - Performance - Resistance
While the first 2 attributes will only affect the earnings of the shoe, the Resistance will also affect the durability of it.
The higher the attributes, the higher will be the rewards, as described in the following formula:
  • S = Shoe earnings. ( value will range from 0 to 1 and will represent a percentage. For example a value of 0.31 means an increase of 31% earnings increase from the basic one.)
  • Ergonomics, Performance, Resistance = Shoe attributes values ( value will be an integer number ranging from 1 to 100. )
  • Sn = contribution factor, a fixed number between 0.01 and 0.02.
👨‍🦱 Avatar XP Level Your avatar can increase its Level by gaining more XP points. The higher the avatar's level, the greater the earnings.
📡 GPS and Mobile Data In order to work properly, StepHunt needs access to a stable GPS Signal and a strength 3G/4G/5G connection. A weak/poor signal could reduce the earnings.